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2002, March the 23rd

--- After foreword: "Who really am I?" ---

23rd March 2002

The cold was biting in that sunny morning of end of March, the street was deicing while my car lazily going behind a truck. I can't say where I was, It's still covered by reserved code, but something or somebody knew perfectly which was my position that day. I was driving without particular attention because I didn't think it could happening something wrong in my mission, at the end it was not the first and wouldn't be the last.
I did the check list before leaving the base and furthermore I knew well all details of the plan. Suddenly after one hundred kilometres from my starting point the pen of fate wrote for me a brand new history. I heard the sound of an explosion behind the car dashboard and wheels suddenly steered to my right, driving the car to the roadside with a velocity of 100km/hrs. There my car found the guard rail and due to the violent impact it jumped on its side and began the rolling over. The collision dameged the fuel tank and also the shut off valve went wrong in its work. During the five overturning fuel had covered completely every corner inside, me included.
As soon as the car was stop the fire wrapped up it all around me, inside and outside. Car glasses were totally broken and with the air contact the blaze was already an enormous fire column. Plastic inside was in melting and luckily I was still awake, thanks to fear and to adrenaline I unfastened the safety belt and I came out from the empty window space. Once out I run, fast than a shot. After few second I heard a new explosion. I turned back the gaze, my car was jumping for a couple of meters on air. I was burned on the hands, on face, in the heart. I sat down on the
blacktop awaiting the ambulance. I was in really pitiful condition but I was survived.
Soonest I was accompanied to the nearest hospital where i entered in coma for more or less ten days and when
I came back in this world I was transfered in a special hospital for seared.
I can't tell anything about the results of investgation. What I can tell is how I learned to fight against depression
in the following years.

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