lunedì 20 aprile 2015

In the darkness

In the darkness

I saw a world
hangs in the balance on a boat.
People, men, women, children
herded like worthless goods.
Again slave ships
come out from history books
back from past up to today, 
arrogant and shameless,
once again to drift in the sea.
A sea of fear,
for those on board.
A sea of killing spree,
for those who put them 
on the waves.
A sea of indifference,
for those who consider it just a breaking news by TV.
... and what remains it's only death, despair;
and not only on the boat.
The souls of the righteous are drowned
along with the civilizations of a wrong world,
down in the deep darkness,
in the waters of the Mediterranean.
Peace to you, penitent souls,
you that first of everybody, now,
deserve a land of happiness.


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