martedì 16 aprile 2013

The last mile (dedicated to all victims in Boston)

Martin is happy,
in his eyes shining joy.
Looking carefully
among the faces of the people
his father’s eyes,
to shout him his love.
William is running,
fatigue is much,
but the arrival is over there
and He already knows
he will find the strength
for the last steps,
in the eyes of his son.
Even Bill is running,
training for sale,
white hair and 45 marathons.


A crash, screams, the light is off.
For someone, forever.
Martin and William
you will not see anymore.
Bill falls down,
but find the strenght,
he stands up
and pass the finish line.
It’s just an action,
but it’s a lot.

To you, that now hide yourself
like the worst of worms,
be aware,
that we will continue to run.
Because you have stolen us the light,
but you can never take away
the hope to find it again.
We run and run,
with Martin in the heart
following the example of Bill.

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