mercoledì 19 giugno 2013


Finally arrived the latest Camòrs book, now available on website
A particular kind of book written in double language.

If you want receive the book with dedication and autograph send an e-mail to, I'll answer you with all details. 

Here below a little brief by Author

Around my soul is first of all a wide collection of thoughts, questions. Hundreds of questions that have the specific task of stimulating the own intellect, suggesting and processing own answers, independently by the reality of the author. My will and my writer nature is, in fact, always been to not affect the reader with more or less veiled opinions and influences. This for a form of respect for the reader and its reasoning, its own thought, which might be akin to my, but might be even the one much far possible.
The only explicit evidence is the nature of utmost honesty that must be used when you pose questions to themselves, as in this context where nothing can be camouflaged and nothing can have a better performance than an intimate censorship-free moral reflection.
The four key points that I post like bastions of a central position of human being in its life, could certainly be renamed or changed the principle of collecting experiences, but absolutely not the conceptual nature of that full existential centrality. As I explain in the preface, This simple concept can be materialized as the ideal of a perfect balance impartiality or much more romantically of perfect harmony.

... an harmony not overturning, because that balancing status might not in nowise be subverted. Because the nature of equidistance encloses and enclose in intrinsic way, the principle of beginning and end, of good and evil: simultaneously same distance and same closeness...

A thinking way, which dangerously borders on the devastating and cynical truth to looking for an universal justice. Condition that collides, so inevitably, against our nature of human selfishness. For self protection, for survival instinct, both physical and mental.

... could not exist own challenges which ignore and crush the respect for own land or for own family, It would be simply impossible to create mental universes, egocentric or geocentric, to the detriment of other factors. A universal fairness for respect ...

I conclude by saying that these poems, that might seem like a trip in own life, in reality want to be only the first step in a long and tiring, but rewarding journey, that will lead to the awareness that the human perfection lies in the endless search for it.

... the soul will have perhaps the shape of a book, a secret diary in which pages won't be ever turn to yellow, the only text that we have available for all eternity ... because maybe, nobody apart from ourselves, will judge our lives ...


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