martedì 11 giugno 2013

My war

I heard religion words,
doctrine judgments,
followed without delay
by loyal armies.
Archaeologists of disappearance virtues,
lost in swamps
of putrid certainties.
Adorned with new heretics jewelry,
conviction, extremism,
Soldiers or slaves,
victims of the same crusade.
And I am sorrowed
and I rejoice to have this pain,
confused but sure of thousands my doubts.
Profanity in my time,
I deny every temporal creed
and absorb the life,
unaware harbinger of mystical forces.
I banish each constraint
that does not be the respect
and look forward to,
that the divine breath
suddenly flourishes.
The biggest weight
that still brings
the mind to the nothing,
is the too much importance
that the man believed to have.


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