sabato 8 giugno 2013

The cunning of the King

Long time ago, there was a happy kingdom. The King was a wise and peaceful man and he loved his people.
One day the King died and ascended the throne his brother, because the King had no children. The new King was envious about growing welfare of his subjects and increased the taxes. Subjects paid regretting the old King, but they were still happy. The King raised them again and out of proportion. The subjects were reunited with a common purpose in order to refuse the payment of the new taxes, thus undermining the power of the King. The King was now very worried and retreated into the tower for thinking about. He thought and thought, then again and again. Finally, on a moonless night He had the enlightenment.
The following day was issued an edict. All farming acreages were confiscated. Some large plots were given to families consisting of a single member. Others were managed by new emissaries of the King, specially appointed, that had to hire the remaining families of many people for just a few pennies.
This abuse of power
, could be fought if everybody had done together again a common front, but the King had understood that human nature is the worst enemy of man. The ambition and desire to be superior to other, the longing to accumulate wealth and the choice to abuse the rights of others, meant that common sense was fallen and that the King's plan in a short time would been performed.
So it was that a few began to handle money on behalf of the King
, thinking and enjoying of being themselves an elite. Small families began to manage vast tracts, thinking how good was the King. The most numerous families that also made up the largest number of households in the realm, then found themselves to be working only as unskilled workers in the plantation of the other. This led them to hate the emissaries of the King, because as far as they worked the money that were given to them were always too few for their large families, increasingly poor. Also, began to envy those families that although small in components, found themselves with vast fruitful acreages. The community broke up, the wealthy became wary to the needy and in the same time workers dissociated themselves from everyone else.
Engaged in this class conflict, no one remembered more about the figure of the King that indeed, was seen increasingly as an entity distant and absent. None, however, rebelled, because there was no longer any common front.
Next to the throne of King, was sat since that day, a wicked Queen, the devious cunning.


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