martedì 10 settembre 2013

A bad behaviour

A day, not so far in time, a father realized his son started smoking. He was very worried because He was an ex smoker and He knew very well how much bad is that behaviour. He thought strongly about the way to let him understand that smoking is not a pleasure, it’s an error. He tried explain to him and spent much time and lot of words, but without any result.
   A Saturday night he had an idea. The next morning he called his friend by phone and explain the project. Early in the afternoon, the same day, father’s friend went home. Father and son were gathered around the table drinking coffee and were talking about something about school. Father’s friend sat down and carried out from his bag an hammer while son was watching curiously. Father was observing the table and suddenly said to his friend, “Could I have one, please”, “Oh certainly, my friend” answered the guest and took the hammer. With a quick movement the man hit heavily the father’s hand. The poor father felt a terrible pain into hand and jumped away from chair and table, shouting and crying. When the pain was little bit mitigated, the father picked from his pocket five euro and gave them to friend. The man with the hammer took the coins and drunk his cup of coffee, then He left the home in silence. The son remained without words.
   As soon as the guest was out home, son asked to his father “Why...? Why He...? Why do you pay...? Why do…?” He didn’t know what to ask to father and at the end he said “Why dad….why, has been so stupid!”. The father, which was silently listening that gabble like a beans pot, smiled and said “Why? I did it in order to show you a very stupid behaviour. I tried to explain you, but I know an example is better than thousands of words, so here it is!
   I spent money to obtain only pain and it appeared stupid to your sight. Now I ask you, why are you doing the same thing daily, buying and smoking cigarettes? Is not the same thing? Think about it each time you want it one. I know it maybe won’t enough to stop you smoking but if your thinking is going to smoking less, I have already won. Son didn’t say anything else and since that day He stopped smoking.
   And you ….what do you think about yourself… what about your behaviour?  

                                 Don’t be stupid!!!

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