martedì 17 settembre 2013

The Cob

Italy needs 4mld of euro in order to cover missing entry of IVA - IMU - and "Cassaintegrazione in deroga" but it doesn't have them.
Europe says  that Italy still has problem to remain under the roof of 3% of PIL.
Since January 2013 Italy gave to various funds under the MES, around 51mld of euro.
With that money Europe buys BOT of states (or banks) in difficulties where the states (people) will pay an interest.  
Simply: I ask you 5 euro and you give me. Then I give you, on loan 3 euro, but I want 0.5 of interest on what before was already your.
Excuse me, I'm very sorry, but the name of our land is no longer Italy or Europe.  
What is it?
People are like a cob,  slowly have been removing the corn from it and then will throw away the core into the fire.

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